Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now - "Welcome."

So, new blog. You may have noticed the 49 posts preceding this one: they have been pulled as a representative sample from five years of blogging on other sites. Some are lightly edited, but most were left unmolested as a testament to my young and angsty blogging beginnings. Lucky you.

The move to this "grown-up" blog will mark the end of my other blogs; not that they were updated that often, anyway. I'm not going to delete them - the ability to search through past entries for reminscing purposes is too valuable - but they will not receive any new posts other than a final one redirecting (my very few) readers here.

That said, I'm hoping to keep up my interest in writing by shying away from the boyfriend-related gush-or-sob-fests that dominated my previous postings and sticking to the areas of social commentary, philosophical poderings, or bitchy snark; you know, my strengths.

Thanks for your interest. I'll do my best to deserve it.


Raft Club said...

Congrats on a new piece 'e'-l-estate -- get it? Ugh. So is this your new Slog sig line blog? Evolution of blogging from LJ and the myspace?

Aislinn said...

Yep. Decided it was time for a grown-up blog. I leave lj to the fangirls and the wrist-slitters.

Anonymous said...

And I follow.

Also, psh! Blogspot is just as hosted and full of drama as LJ. You just can't jump between it all as easily.

J-HOVA said...

Is it weird that I scoured your posts looking for ones that refered to me, yet was disappointed when I only found one. It was nice, but Im unsure if it was even me, being I wasnt refered to by name.

Will in Seattle said...

Well congrats!

I agree about livejournal (caveat - my ex-wife and my bff are both on it) being for fangirls and wrist-slitters.

Just wanted to say, since I never posted on it, that in my personal experience, most of us guys really would like a certain blond actress to give us a bj, so while it's an interesting and most correct interpretation, bbjf is not necessarily applicable to her.

Not quite sure why.

Aislinn said...

Scott- I like that pages are harder to toggle between, it gives it a more autonomous feel. Though I don't like the way comments are set up. I can't speak about overall drama, as I honestly haven't looked around much, but I don't see any communities and I know more "adults" who use it, as opposed to other sites. That was the main draw. And thanks.

Joey- The 8/30/04 post is about you. Honestly, a lot of the other entries about you were either very boring ("Today I did this and this this...") or very dramatic, and I decided not to carry them over. I almost used this one (, in fact it was posted, then I deleted it. Everything I ever wrote about you online ist still on LJ, though, and they are all public, so if you're in the mood for a trip down memory lane, look at the calendar view and read anything between August '04 and June '05. Also, no it's not weird. I'm sure I'm guilty of as much or worse.

Will- I would assume that men wanting Renee Zellweger to blow them is possibly based on either her slightly-icy persona or her good-girl persona, and wanting to break that down and/or debase her. I stand by my claim that her face is largely unappealing, though I still don't have a penis and therefore still cannot make any concrete claims about quality knob-slobberers.

Will in Seattle said...

No, I think it's that Renee only has two of the three characteristics you describe in bbjf (as a man tends to perceive it) - most men assume that, based on her acting in movies, since they haven't actually met her in person, that she would enjoy it.

Not necessarily true in person, one supposes, but then we tend to project our opinions of actors based on what we saw of them in the roles they played.

I think an honest survey of men at random, where they thought an honest answer would be ok, would agree mostly with that view.

But I like the description, it's fairly good.

w7ngman said...

Renee Zellweger is too pouty. She looks like she'd burst into tears at some point during the task, and as we learned from former Illinois Senate candidate Jack Ryan, crying is not a turn on.

GBJF = nice eyes (no tears)

Interestingly enough, my baptcha begins with "bbj".