Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8/25/04 - "Jimmy Eat World and Anne Frank."

I'm listening to the new Jimmy Eat World single, "Pain", and I don't think I like it. I'm not sure yet... I'll listen to it a few more times. But I'm thinking not so much. "Bleed American" was also kind of an odd lead single for the last album, so maybe they're just repeating history by starting with the hardest song (NOT as in difficulty) that doesn't really sound like the rest of the album. "Bleed American" had a lot more personality to it though, and it was certainly much catchier... I'm honestly kind of sad now, if this album comes out and I don't like it, I'll be the most disappointed girl in history. Well, maybe not as disappointed as Anne Frank, but... close. Hahaha the Anne Frank bashing will never get old. That's like my new favorite joke. The back story:

When Marlon Brando died I decided the occasion called for a Myspace bulletin. Marlon Brando was an oft-impersonated man, with practically every Tom, Dick, and Harry having their own lame version of the little Godfather voice. So I commented on it being a sad day for impressionists everywhere, as it's not quite as funny to make fun of people after they're dead-- the whole taint of tragedy and whatnot. A clever counterexample seemed to be in order, so I tried to think of the least-appropriate dead person one could do an impression of, period. Anne Frank came to mind, and the very thought of it amused me so much I should be ashamed. But I'm not. So I added on "Except Anne Frank, whoo boy, that girl's a laugh riot." The bulletin elicited little response, but I was still very pleased with my little joke, and it would spring to mind and make me giggle to myself from time to time. One of these times I happened to be with my equally macabre-minded brother, Dylan, and shared the whole thing with him, and we were able to take it to levels far beyond any I had every dreamed. We have actually come up with a simply wretched "impression" of her (which entails saying "I'm Anne Frank" in a whiny little voice and including other horrible details such as "I live in a secret apartment" and "Please don't kill my parents"), and can launch into said impression at the most inopportune of moments. Kathy is also in on it now, which is so much better because she's German. It's glorious.

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