Wednesday, March 5, 2008

6/21/06 - "Don't hate."

I'm totally listening to the new Dashboard Confessional album on MTV's The Leak. You can listen to it as well, by going here: on, you know you want to.I will buy it when it comes out. And I will go to the concert at the Paramount on the 10th.I think this might be my last Dashboard album, unless he loses the band. I cannot fathom what made him think that going back to the full "rock" band sound was the way to go. I mean, he left Further Seems Forever for a reason, didn't he? This isn't quite the same, but it's close enough.I want another "Brilliant Dance." Or a "So Impossible." Or a "This Bitter Pill." As lame and teeny-bopper as this may make me sound, those songs actually make me emote. Still. After years. Maybe because it's been years, and they're remnants of a more emotionally tumultuous time (read: high school). But I miss the fervor, the bite, the urgency and ultimately the relevance of his old songs. These new songs are just... songs. They're not bad to listen to, and sometimes he sounds like he maybe cares about what he's singing about, but not really. I guess you can only be falling in and out of love for so much of your life, things have to even out eventually. And then what do you sing about?

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