Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10/24/03 - "Peaches."

Last night Jeff and I went to Peaches, and it was incredible. We got there early and there was no crowd (everyone else must have known the first band sucked, too bad we weren't in the know), so we went over to the Lusty Lady, because I had never been in there. It was so trashy and gross! But in an extra funny way. Then this guy started talking to us, and then hitting on me, and it's like ew gross you came here to jack off in a little booth but now you're taking time off from whacking it to hit on me? But it was also flattering and he was young and not ugly and seemed like he knew a lot about parties etc. so I took his number just in case I ever need to know where there's a party at... I can't imagine needing that information any time soon (Anthony and I don't really go to many parties... what would be point?), but I figure hey it does't hurt. Then Jeff and I headed to the show, saw the aforementioned sucktastic opening band Kiss Kiss Kiss, I talked to this guy in bondage pants/punk regalia and he was soo wasted but interesting at the same time, and Jeff and I had to wait forever so we played "Your Crowd/My Crowd" which is like the most pretentious game ever, you look at people's outfits and demeanors and if they're cool say "My crowd" and if they're lame say "Your crowd" and hahaha were there some lame people, and I felt like a bad person for being so shallow, but dude, you also should have seen these people... The second band was Elecrocute, and I honestly liked them. The dark-haired one was so gorgeous and she had this crazy bouncy perfect ass and I just wanted to like eat it with a spoon... err, steal it for myself, or something else less-lust-and-more-jealousy oriented...

Speaking of same-sex fantasies, Peaches has a strong GLTBQ following, and her fans reflected that. There were guys making out, posses of lesbians, and this gaggle of waifish young boys all flocking around an older guy dressed in a suit, whom Jeff and I dubbed "Sugar Daddy" because of his obvious pull over the little whores. It was funny and alarming at the same time. So for Peaches we worked our way over in the center up front, which happened to be in the middle of said lesbian posse. Well, I don't think they all came together (there was one big group that did, they were over on the side), but they just kind of happened to all convene there, and we kind of happened to want to be up close, so yeah we were in the middle of them and things got a little heated during some of the songs because they're just dirty and pulasting and you have to dance your mind away. So yeah, this one girl was totally dancing with me, like moving when I moved and I was like whoa... I've still never officially been hit on by a girl, but this was definitely the most body contact I've had with one! It was just this see of bodies all moving and grinding and it was just... crazy. That's the only way I know how to describe it. I know scenes like that are old hat to a lot of people, but it was the first time for me and I really did like it. If another electroclash band rolls into town (and I'm aware of them) then I would totally consider going. It wasn't like R&B club dancing, but I don't know how to explain how it's not like that, just that it's actually fun.

Jeff had an awesome on-stage experience that I'm not going to get into because people who would care can read it in his journal and people who wouldn't have already been subjected to too

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