Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9/18/05 - "The girl in the pink shirt hates cilantro."

The girl in the pink shirt was me, and it's true, I do hate cilantro. Which is why I raised my hand when the "guest celebrity chef" at the Taste of Boston asked who hated it, and why I was then singled out and informed that it's because I'm allergic to it. Which makes sense. Nothing too serious happens when I have it, it just tastes icky and makes me nauseous, but I now feel validated for my years of anti-cilantro diatribe.Taste of Boston was fun. Lots of free samples, a free Gin Blossoms concert (oh yes, you better believe I was right up front, "till I hear it from youuuuuuu"), and a drunk spilled cheap wine all over my skirt. It was disgusting. But made me feel slightly more important, I'm not sure why.Boston has been a blast in a half, though I'm definitely ready to go home, and in fact wish I was going home right now and not Tuesday, because I'm out of money and nothing fun is really going to happen between now and Tuesday. Oh well. If I had the funds I would have gone back to Maine today, but I don't, so I didn't.Have had some interesting "night life" experiences. Though I've learned that Boston is a mostly unattractive city (correction: most MEN are unattractive, there are hot ladies everywhere), and miss dancing in Seattle, where I normally am asked to dance by at least one non-Pakistani, non-obese guy per night, but here not so much. That's not totally fair, I danced with some fun thirty-somethings on Thursday night who weren't bad-looking, but still. One out of three is a fraction I am not fond of. I need to get out of Mandy's room, so I'm cutting this short. I would promise a more detailed account of my trip later, but I know better than to make a promise like that. It may happen, it may not. I'm feeling homesick in more ways than one and I am so tired of being asked what college I go to that I want to vomit. Let's get a new talking point, people.

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