Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/8/05 - "Practically Pre-Pubescent Pop Princes."

There comes a time in every young person's life when they have to make a very important choice: To be an active Jesse McCartney fan, or just a passive Jesse McCartney observer.

If you're not familiar with Jesse McCartney, let me introduce you. He plays the troubled surfer youth with a frigid girlfriend on Summerland, the WB's answer to The O.C.. He's also a child of Disney, my first exposure to him being his heartfelt recording of "Second Star to the Right," for the live-action Peter Pan movie. He is now an accomplished pop star in his own right, with his catchy "Beautiful Soul" single being played on Top 40 stations like our local Kiss 106.1 approximately every four minutes and thirty-six seconds. Seriously, I timed it.

Last night was my first time watching an entire episode of Summerland, which is a better show than I thought it would be. Carmen Elektra is guest-starring for a bit. I don't know that that tidbit helps the show overall, I just find it to be of interest. The show also stars Laurie Loughlin, otherwise known as "Aunt Becky on Full House." You have to admit that's pretty cool. I'll gloss over the fact that Jesse McCartney looks pretty good in a wetsuit, seeing as he's only seventeen, and that's a little bit wrong. Or a lot wrong, but I digress.

I've almost bought his album on multiple occasions, but couldn't get myself to the check-out with it. Now I've seen his show, and basically enjoyed it. This just leaves one last step: commit to being a fan, buy the damn album, and start keeping Monday nights at nine open, or-- get over it and try to forget this mini-obsession ever occurred. This is a harder decision than you might think. I don't know if you, my general readership, are really appreciating this kid's musical genius. Take this sample from one of his songs, "The Stupid Things":

Yes I recall
Skipping on breakfast to play basketball
And feeling two feet small
Sometimes you read like William Shakes
Your scent is sweet like Betty Crocker bakes
I'd love to have your cake and eat it too

Honey, you can eat my cake any time. Err, I mean, any time after your next birthday. Right.

And come on, with lyrics like that? How can I not give in and join the fanclub!? This kid has a way with words you cannot deny. We just may be looking at the next Poet Laureate.

If American Idol has taught us anything, it's that all major decisions should be put to a popular vote. In that spirit, I leave it up to you: Should I become a full-fledged Jesse McCartney fan?

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