Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10/1/06 - "Fall."

The crunch of fallen leaves under my feet is exhilarating. I am so glad that Autumn has arrived, with all that it entails. Scary movies. Chilly nights. Pumpkin flavored everything. If I were offered a chance to live in perpetual October, I might consider it.Last weekend I went to a corn maze. It wasn't very hard, though I'm glad to have had the experience. When it gets closer to Halloween, they have a HAUNTED corn maze. That might be worth going back for. I generally embrace any opportunity to scream.Yesterday I went to Leavenworth with David. He rented a car, and we had the best intentions of getting out of town early, but my ability to stay in bed much longer than appropriate, coupled with his inability to convince me of the benefits of leaving the covers and clothing myself, led to a late start. We finally escaped the metropolis around 1 pm, under a gloomy sky, and were pleased as the farther East we went, the sunnier and less urban the scenery became. I'm not a huge nature buff, but it was honestly beautiful. We stopped at a funny little espresso-and-gift shop on the way, and I'm suspicious of the sanity of its proprietor. There were three rooms filled solid, floor to ceiling, with snaky paths between stacks, of things. Live birds (caged). Antiques. Parkas. Furniture. Plates. Party supplies. Sweaters. Dolls. Photo prints. Accessories. Knick knacks. I bought a nightlight with a black silhouette of a cowboy riding a motorcycle, printed on a miniature, halved, old-timey lampshade. For two dollars. It is illuminating my bathroom, and my heart, as we speak.The town of Leavenworth happened to be holding its Centennial Celebration, art fair, and Oktoberfest, all at once. It was a zoo. It didn't occur to me that, being Bavarian-themed, this is probably their peak tourist season, and while parking was a nightmare, the people-watching was top notch. David had never been there before, so he was a good sport, and at least moderately interested in all the stupid little shops I wanted to go to. We went to the dollhouse store, the music box store, the hat store, the Christmas store, the soap store... it was a little ridiculous. He purchased a novelty gift for Patrick, and I purchased a music box with wooden ducks that twirl on a pond, to the tune of "Love Story." The girl duck has eyelashes and a flower on her hat, so you know the ducks are heterosexual, and by default in love. Though the point of the day was meant to be hiking, the late start and extended shopping had us pressed for time, and we ended up going on a brief nature walk instead. The trail is accessible from downtown, and it was very pretty. Multiple deer of the extremely tame variety were spotted. Some hand-holding occurred. We discussed indigenous species. I really like this boy.We headed back to town with the intent of locating a dining establishment with vegetarian options. We were in a Bavarian town, during Oktoberfest. Sausage abounded. We finally came across a restaurant with one vegetable/linguine/cheese sauce offering, and decided it was the best chance we had. We placed identical orders, except I tried a German beer, and he had a Sapphire and Tonic, like always. The decor of the restaurant was Laura Ashley-meets-craft-store-chic. Except without the "chic." I just like how that sounds. Anyway, it was charming, in the most disdainful sense of the word, but my unmitigated good mood and unprecedented good company led me to be quite enamored with the place. I will probably eat there again. The leftovers were delicious. Which reminds me, I still have some German chocolate cake. I had better get on that.It was getting late, and we had plans with David's friends Lindsay and Matt, so we headed home. We made excellent time, until the Mercer St. Exit. We literally crawled through that off-ramp for 40 minutes. Which was sort of disheartening; I love the city, but it has its faults. Matt was feeling sick, so we went over to Lindsay's with some beer and sat and watched the Eukanuba dog show with them. Then David's roommate called to say he had locked himself out of the apartment. We cut the evening short to go let him in, though we were also both a little tuckered out, and while I was glad to meet the oft-mentioned Lindsay, I was looking forward to going to bed. We let Todd in, then went downstairs to see Johnny and Patrick, and give Patrick his gift. It went over pretty well, as expected. We hung out with them for a bit, Patrick revealed something I found to be rather embarrassing, because as mentioned before, I am particularly sensitive to being made fun of. They said I was blushing. I don't think I blush very often. Modesty has never been my strength. But I was embarrassed, nonetheless. We excused ourselves to go shower and go to sleep. I made sure that David's bedroom window was closed, so as to avoid future embarrassment. We went to bed and, well, you know. We fell asleep in each other's arms, as has become customary this past week. I think we might be sleeping apart tonight. I joked before that I might not remember how to fall asleep by myself, and now that I'm facing it I'm wondering if it's true. I'm sure I'll manage, but still. I can pout about it. I think that's all I've got for tonight. There are other things going on: school, work, home, family. All have notable happenings. But, as usual, I'm much more interested in boys. Or, one boy. Or, a man, if you want to get technical, though I still think of myself as a girl, not a "woman," and therefore consider my romantic interests to be "boys," because a girl with a man sounds kind of gross. Unless Nabokov is talking about it. He somehow manages to make the girl/man dynamic rather compelling. Too bad I'm no Spring chicken. 23 is quickly approaching, I'm unfortunately lacking in any Lolita-like qualities. But I digress.

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