Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8/6/04 - "Pee Story."

Today I peed for longer than I have ever peed before. There's no absolute way to prove this, of course, but I'm pretty sure I'd remember peeing that much at any other time. It was intense. We're talking a good minute and a half of a powerful stream. That's a lot.

I had had to pee for like an hour, but I was on a bus. My original plan was to get off in Renton and go to the comic book store, but I decided I had to pee too bad, and I didn't want to just find somewhere in Renton to go, I'd rather go home. But as we pulled in to the Bellevue Transit Center, a good 15 minute walk from my apartment, it became clear that going home wasn't an option. I ran into the Bellevue City Center building, an office building that has shops on the ground floor. As it was near 6 pm, there weren't many people around. I wandered through the hallways with an increasing franticness, until I found someone who looked like he belonged there and demanded "Where is the bathroom in this place!?" He said to follow him, and I promptly told him "Thank you so much, you're my hero." I wasn't kidding. He led me through another series of hallways and had to unlock the door, so I'm lucky I found him.

As I was leaving a very pregnant woman approached me and asked "Where is the bathroom!?" I pointed in the general direction and told her she'd need to find someone to unlock it for her. I don't think English was her strong suit, and she seemed confused. Hopefully she located a hero as well.

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