Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8/30/04 - "Freeze frame."

Remember all my commitment phobias that made me act like such a boy? Well they kind of all fell away, and I'm left with a big smile on my face and an actual boyfriend, that I'm actually happy about, and have actual feelings for. Rather than tell all my ego-boosting back-burner boys (alliteration what? I'm a pro) to put things on hold until I'm inevitably single again, I'm actually cutting ties. No back-ups, and no escape plans. It may seem like I'm over-exaggerating, but I've honestly never done this before. I always have a safety net for when I freak out, or get bored, or whatever. But not this time. Because I don't think I'm going to freak out, or get bored. It's not a "good enough for now..." sort of thing, it's an "oh thank goodness, this is just what I always wanted."

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