Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1/27/06 - "Boston."

It is COLD in Boston. No duh, right?The day time is bearable. It's actually sunny right now, and since Mandy's room is on the top floor it just bakes, we actually had to open the window. But at night... Outside is frigid and windy and biting and inhospitable. With every icy gust the city is saying, "Go home. We don't want your kind here." Which is really unfair. I've done nothing but love this city. It must be playing hard-to-get.Last night was so cold, in fact, that I elected that we go to an on-campus pub, rather than a club in Cambridge we've been trying to go to since I was here in September. That is really fucking cold. I am normally a champ when it comes to overcoming barriers to an exciting night out. I take busses, I walk miles, I get home at 6am when I need to be up at 8 for work... But this cold, it was too much for me. I've grown soft in my old age. And it's making me rethink whether Boston is ever a place I want to live. Before it was the ultimate place I wanted to live. This is all very illuminating.Later tonight, we are going to this vegetarian Chinese restaurant that is to die for. And I hope to get my fill of the Allston junk shops, which are also pretty delicious. Then after that we're going to see OK Go. I know, right? I love stupid concerts. Last time I was here we went to see Gin Blossoms. FOR FREE. Boston has so much to offer! This weather thing is really throwing me for a loop.PS- Everyone wears jeans here. All day, all the time. It's like a uniform. It's disgusting. People say Seattle is bad for fashion, what with the few flannel hold-outs and the occasional shorts/socks/sandals combo, but I swear, Seattle's fashion ills are nothing compared to the open, weeping sore that is Boston's dress code. I will admit to having seen a few FABULOUS winter coats, however, which was refreshing.

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