Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10/27/06 - "The Dragon's Kettle Korn."

There's a tent set up in the strip-mall parking lot by my work, purveying the mind-boggling combination of raver-inspired flashing jewelry and fresh-made "Kettle Korn." Objecting to the unnecessary use of the second "k," I was going to keep on walking by, until I saw the logo for this particular sweet-and-salty snack/flashing jewelry shack: A drawing of a dragon blowing fire under a kettle of popcorn, which looks like it was drawn by an eight-year-old. But it was probably drawn by the middle-aged man running the enterprise. It's great, I wish I could scan it. But it's full of popcorn. And I don't have a scanner.Superfluous k's aside, the kettle corn is delicious. It was a good buy.

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