Friday, July 18, 2008

My New Blog.

Well, a new blog I am affiliated with, anyway. It's Dana's blog.

It's basically the best idea Dana has ever had. We write two-word phrases (four-letter words, natch) on her fingers, then take a picture of it and post it, with a brief explanation. The first day showcased the iconic "Thug Life," then Dana got creative and came up with "Taco Bell." I'm the Art Director, which means I draw the words on her, and take the pictures. I've also come up with some of the knuckle phrases. "Head Lice"? That one was all me. The forthcoming post (I don't want to ruin the surprise) is my favorite yet, and I wrote the blurb explaining why it was such an important choice. The credit for the phrase is all Dana, though.

If you can think of any sweet knuckle phrases you'd like to see written on Dana, please pass them along.

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Patrick said...

I knew a guy who had "MORE BEER" on his knucks. I also knew a guy named Leon who had "LEON" on one of his hands.

The worst was the guitar player in a band I was in who had "BORN DEAD".

It was actually a mistake. It was the 90s, and this guy really wanted "DEFT ONES" as he was a big fan of Californian metal group, Deftones. Unfortunately, the girl doing the tattoo at the party he was at started the D and E on the wrong hand. The rest is history.